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How To Sell Feet Pics and Make Money Every Single Day

This is a really radical way of making money and it works – selling feet pictures to those who love feet.

It’s crazy I know, but that’s the beauty with it – it’s a really radically different but real way of making money.

You can now make money just selling your feet pictures to men (and even women) who have a foot fetish.

You will learn a lot about how it all works from reading this article. You will also learn how you can join in this radically different way of making money – and start getting paid for pics of your feet.

How To Sell To Feet Pictures Buyers?

It usually starts with taking as many good quality pictures of your feet as possible, to get you prepared to start selling. Taking many good quality pictures gets you ready to send samples to people who are interested. The samples you send should be lower quality or watermarked so they can’t be enjoyed, without you getting paid. You should only send the full versions after you have been paid.

Where To Find Feet Pictures Buyers?

You can find buyers online and even offline. The fact that there are millions of potential feet lovers in the world means it’s possible to find buyers everywhere.

The most popular way to find buyers right now is social media. Many buyers can contact you privately on social media and if they like the samples you send them, they can pay again and again for more pictures.

How To Be Radically Different From Other Feet Pictures’ Sellers

Since there are now many people getting involved and trying to make money from this fetish, you should do things radically different, to make a lot more money.

Below are some tips to help you stand out from those trying to make money with their feet:

Commit into really making a business out of this

Don’t just be like most girls out there who put only little effort in trying to sell their pictures. Instead, you should put as much commitment into it as you will a business. The more time, effort and commitment you put into it, the more of a business you will make of it and the more money you can make.

Since this is not a passing fetish and there are really millions of potential buyers, those who put in more effort and commitment stand to make a lot more money, than those who only do this casually.

Spend time to take good quality pictures

Most girls trying to sell their feet pics don’t put as much effort in the pictures they take and send to potential buyers. You should be radically different from such girls. Instead of even taking your pictures yourself, it’s a good idea to hire professional photographers to take all or some of your pictures. The aim is to make your pictures great, not just good. The better looking and attractive your feet photos are, the more likely you will keep getting interested buyers

Customize your feet pictures for each buyer, if they want

Instead of just trying to sell the same pictures to every buyer, you can be radically different by customizing yours for each buyer. This will take you more time of course but can make you a lot more money.

Sell feet videos as well as feet pictures

Many feet lovers also want feet videos and are willing to pay a lot more money for them. You can get into selling such videos for them as well.

You can make more money with videos than pictures of course, especially customized for each buyer.

Be proactive in looking for buyers

While most feet pictures sellers put up their social media profiles and wait for potential buyers to contact them, a good way to be radically different to get a lot more buyers is for you to go out there and look for the buyers.

That’s being proactive in looking for buyers, rather than wait for buyers to find you.

You can be proactive by spending time (everyday) doing things like:

  • Scanning different social media accounts of potential buyers and contacting them about your pictures
  • Using different social media search terms to search for potential buyers
  • Scanning different online classified ads sites looking for potential buyers who place ads for feet pictures to buy
  • Scanning different offline classified ad sections looking for potential buyers who place ads for feet pics to buy




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