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Foot Fetish Questions For Those Who Want To Make Money

Many people trying to make money with feet pictures are doing things radically wrong. That’s why they are not successful in selling. If you want to do things radically different in a way that helps you succeed, you should first know all you can know about what makes money even interested in foot, to begin with.

This entails knowing important answers to foot fetish questions like the ones in this article.

What exactly is a foot fetish?

This is a fetish that involves the foot. A person is said to have a foot fetish if they love and are more interested in the feet, sometimes than other parts of the body.

Heels vs. toes vs. ankles? Which does a guy with a foot fetish prefer?

There is no clear cut answer to this question. The preference depends on the individual.

Some foot fetishists prefer heels, while others prefer to toes or ankles. To a large extent, most fetishists indulge in the admiration and devotion of the different parts of the foot.

What does a foot fetish really involve?

A Foot fetish may involve admiration and worship of the feet and footwear. The aim is usually for sexual pressure.

The man or woman with a foot fetish would like to massage, lick, suck, or rub the feet to elicit favor.

He or she may also be fixated on the scent, size, or shape of the foot, toenails, toe, heel, or footwear.


How common is Foot Fetishism?

A large percentage of people have a foot fetish. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism.

Discussions on the Internet about this topic are higher than before. A 2006 study revealed that 86% of Internet users now use the terms “foot” and “fetish” more to describe terms related to the most popular sexual fetishes.


foot fetish


What part of the foot does the Foot Fetishist Crave for?

Foot fetishists could crave the shape or size of the foot, toe, or ankle. Some crave for barefoot, heels, painted nails, soles, foot arches, nail length, footwear, jewelry, and so on.

Why are foot fetishes considered so taboo in mainstream society?

In mainstream society today, foot fetishism is considered a taboo. This is because of the idea that using your mouth on the feet is unhygienic and could breed health issues.

This is not surprising because infections are associated with unkempt toenails, cracked heels, ingrown nails, and smelling feet.

Is someone who has a foot fetish weird, a freak or perverted?

The sexual preferences of a foot fetish should not be indicative of the negativity. As long as the person does not harm himself or harm those around him.

In fact many of the people with this fetish are even more sane than so-called normal people.

Do people with this fetish really pay money for feet pictures?

Yes, of course. Just as people pay money to indulge their fantasies or interests, so do people with this fetish pay money to indulge. That also includes paying money for pictures of feet they love.

What are the possible triggers of foot fetishism in most people?

There are many triggers for foot fetishists.

Some of the common triggers include the sight of or touch of feet, the sight of shoes, early sexual experiences, and other turn-ons.

Every individual has his or her experiences, and so triggers are relative.

Are those with foot fetishist good at massages?

Foot fetishists are very good at massages. This is not surprising since most people with this affection employ the massage of foot and legs to express their cravings.

Some of them can spend hours lovingly exploring the beauty of the feet, including during a massage. Of course the recipient will enjoy the process as well, thanks to the gentle and calming nature.

Are they health risks associated with a foot fetish?

The way that most feet fetishists express their interest could really call for health concerns. If the practice is carried out in an unhygienic way, then health concerns will resonate.

Foot fetish may involve the use of the mouth and genitalia, and so it is important to make the practice of doing all things in a healthy or unhygienic way.

Can those with foot fetish enjoy sex without incorporating foot fetish?

Yes, a foot fetish can enjoy sex without incorporating foot. However, his ultimate arousals and sexual satisfaction come with his fetish object, which is the foot.


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